5Ts Framework resources include training slides that provide additional information on the development of the 5Ts, the Inclusion Worksheet which can be downloaded, and relevant 5Ts publications.  

5Ts Inclusion Worksheet

This is a worksheet designed to elicit study-specific challenges related to each T and help study teams develop a plan to address them. Key questions are outlined on this worksheet to facilitate conversation. 

5Ts Publication - Preliminary Framework Development

Peer-reviewed article detailing the preliminary development of the 5Ts Framework. Published in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2019.

5Ts Self-Guided Training

These slides are intended to help you:

  • Discuss case examples related to recruiting older adults
  • Recognize the scope of the problem (why) and how the 5Ts were developed
  • Define the 5Ts
  • Identify ways to apply the 5Ts to your study

5Ts Summary of Recommendations

A summary of the 5Ts Framework approach, and a complete list of recommendations broken down by 'T'.

Example Get Ready for Your Study Visit

This is a template for the study team to tailor and provide participants prior to study visits. It serves as a reminder, a reference for important visit information, as well as provides contact information in case questions come up.

Example Hearing Protocol

Use this example hearing protocol to assess participant hearing.

Example Participant Calendar of Activities

For complex studies it can be helpful to provide participants a calendar of activities when they agree to participate. This provides a reference for what to expect and facilitates transparency.

Created by the Duke Recruitment Innovation Center